Until the end of 2017 Textile Industry Growing Opportunity

Executive Assistant President Director of PT Asia Pacific Fibers Tbk (POLY), Prama Yudha Amdan, said last year, the garment industry was affected by the political and economic situation is unstable. As a result, the purchasing power in the global market.

“At least until the end of 2017 the industry is still likely to grow. Moreover, after the release of United States (US) on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), “he told members of the media, Thursday (16/03/2017).

He said, with the US release of the TPP, there is the possibility of Indonesia can increase the export quota to the land of Uncle Sam. But it all depends on our negotiations with the US, they were until now still formulating appropriate schemes. Whether the trade agreements or bilateral cooperation as before, he explained.

Yudha argue, in fact, global consumer confidence to our product very well. Thus, the government should immediately take advantage of the opportunities of a slowing economy and our country to secure the domestic industry.

With slowing economic conditions Panda country, the government should be able to strengthen the textile industry, especially upstream.

The goal, so that we are able to supply raw materials nationwide. During this time, indeed the majority of our raw materials are imported from China, said Yudha.

Export is a lucrative market, Welly, said the company can fix the export accounted for 56% of total revenue SRIL in 2017. This means that there is a growth of between 8% to 15%.