PHR Series PHR Series

PHR Series

Paperless Recorder

Long Term Record Data Saving
1.5years in Compact Flash
(In case of using 256MB Compact Flash)

Saved Data playback
Saved data in Memorry card can be easily called out and played
back on display

Math and totalization
These functions are available as standard.

RS485, MODBUS RTU protocol is available.

Screen saver
Period of non-operation exceeds the setting value of parameter,
recorder turns off the backlight of LCD.

PC support softwares (Data Viewer/Parameter Loader)
Supplied in a CD-ROM as a part of standard accessory

Compact size
160 (W) X 144 (H) X 185 (D) mm (Panel mount)1.5 kg compact size

9-point recording and 18-point max. recording
12 types of thermocouples, 5 types of resistance bulbs and voltage/
current input are available