Replacement and Retrofitting Replacement and Retrofitting

Replacement and Retrofitting

Commercial HVAC System Replacement and Retrofit

Expert Air and Refrigeration Services understands that for any business to be successful and profitable, it’s vital to keep operational costs at a minimum. An inefficient heating or air conditioning system can be a huge drain on a company’s monthly expenses. Eventually, the cost of repairing an outdated HVAC system no longer makes financial sense. That’s when a whole system replacement and retrofit is far more economical. A new HVAC system has significant long-term benefits by saving time, energy, and money.

HVAC System Replacement | Commercial HVAC System RetrofitA retrofit involves installing new or modified parts that may allow an air conditioning or heating system to continue functioning without a complete replacement. Repairing an HVAC system may also require that new components be placed. In older equipment, alternate or remanufactured parts may be necessary. By avoiding the need for a completely new HVAC system replacement, a retrofit can be a money-saving solution. Our experts are able to provide the pros and cons of retrofitting an existing unit as an alternative to replacing the entire system.